Splish! Splash!


The weather here recently has been extremely hot and humid! With the threat of thunderstorms today I thought we should hold off on a trip to the pool and  set up Rachel’s inflatable pool to cool off instead! So after blowing up her inflatable pool (which was a job and a half, let me tell you!), and carrying buckets of warm-ish water out so she wouldn’t have to “swim” in freezing cold hose water (I know, I know…what can I say, I’m such a sucker!)…we finally got to relax and play in the pool! Rachel had a great time playing with all her water toys.  She had a funnel and some cups, links to chew on, a rubber duck and some water books.  And with all of those wonderful toys to choose from, she was particularly mesmerized by….a leaf that had fallen in the pool.  Go figure.  😉

Rachel enjoying some pool time!

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