Fort Building-A Summertime Must!


When I was a child there were few things more enjoyable then building a fort in the living room and snuggling down in there with a good book or a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie.  What took only a few minutes to construct using blankets, pillows, and some available furniture would turn into a fort I could spend hours each day enjoying .  Every child needs to experience play in a fort at least once in their lifetime! Today was Rachel’s day! While she was napping I gathered up some blankets and some furniture to drape them over, grabbed our tripod to drape the center blanket over in order to make the perfect entrance point in the center, and voila! We had our fort! I couldn’t wait for her to wake up and play in it.  When I brought her out to see it she was amazed and was “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing before and even after l I put her in it! We both had so much fun I am sure we will do this again! It’s a must! Here are some pictures from our day!

Rachel’s fort

Rachel enjoying her fort

Even the puppy wanted to play! She loves him SO much!

Trying to stand

Rachel thought it would be fun to try to use the tripod to help her stand! She came pretty close to doing it!

“Mommy and Me Forever!” Love that little shirt and the girlie wearing it!

Playtime can be so fun, especially with a little imagination behind it! Have a great week, friends!

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