Happy Rachel Day!


Happy Rachel Day!

The 17th of every month has been dubbed “Rachel Day” in our household as it is the anniversary of the date Rachel was born (December 17).  On that day Rachel and I do something special just to celebrate her.  Today is Rachel’s 8 month birthday!

The day started off with apple yogurt for breakfast, which is an all-time favorite for her.  If you were in my kitchen you would be able to tell it’s her favorite by the way she slaps her hand on her high chair tray as if she is demanding “more food!” and “faster service!” She is definitely bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning (although I’m really not sure who she gets that from…I know it’s not me!).

While she was napping this afternoon, I made her a new tutu which she proudly modeled for me when she woke up.  We read some of her favorite stories, played with her toys on the floor and even practiced crawling a little bit.  She rocks herself back and forth on her knees but hasn’t quite gotten the whole motion down.  It should be any day now.  I’m hoping that she starts crawling before school starts so that I can be here to see it.  Either way, it is fun to watch her grow and learn new things every day! It might not have been an action packed day, but the great thing about life with Rachel is that even the simple “boring” days are fun and more meaningful just because she is around! She has me totally wrapped around her finger, that is for sure! Can you blame me?!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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