The Best Things In Life Are Free


What a whirlwind of a week it has been! The first week of school has left me feeling a mixture of emotions ranging from sadness (about leaving my girl) to excitement for the upcoming school year and just about everything in between.  The mornings this week seemed to get harder instead of easier for me as the days went on. By the end of the week, I felt like a kid counting down the minutes until Christmas when I thought of spending all weekend with my baby.  Rachel, on the other hand, spends her days as happy as a lark as I am told, so atleast I do not have to worry about her! I know that she is very happy during the day and that is very much a relief to me.  Please pray that it gets easier for me to say goodbye to Rachel in the morning.  I LOVE my job and my students (and even their families!) and am so thankful for being able to teach in a school I love with so many great colleagues around me,  but I never thought saying goodbye to my little one would be SO hard to do!

This weekend I have had the chance to relax, sleep in and snuggle, snuggle, snuggle! I can’t believe how fast my girl is growing, it seems as if she learns something new every day! She went from crawling to standing to “cruising” to clapping in what seemed like a matter of seconds! With time moving so quickly, I wanted to be sure that we had some good “meaningful” play in together this weekend.  There is nothing that I look forward to more than sitting on the floor and playing with Rachel.  It is the highlight of my day everyday!

Since we moved last December we have accumulated tons and tons (and I mean tons!) of moving boxes.  Most of them have been taken apart and stored in our attic incase we ever move again–even though I swore last December that we would never move again!  Moving at any point is stressful, but we chose to do it two weeks before Rachel was born and it totally pushed me over the edge! I will never move again!! Unless it’s somewhere that has a beach, in that case, I’d pack up in a nano-second!

Since Rachel is crawling pretty quickly these days, I thought she would enjoy a simple obstacle course to crawl through.  We brought some boxes into our living room and propped both ends open and the fun began!

At first Rachel was a little unsure of what she was supposed to do.  At one point she even collapsed the box and started patting it.  After explaining to her that she is supposed to crawl through the box, not break it (yes, she’s very advanced ;)) I decided to use the flaps on the end to play “Peek-A-Boo” with her hoping to distract her from her recent box breaking discovery.

Once she started laughing and giggling from our “Peek-A-Boo” game, all she wanted to do was crawl over to me! Leave it to “Peek-A-Boo” to get her motivated to crawl through! Once she figured out how it worked, she spent quite a bit of time crawling from Mommy and then back to Daddy and Zeus waiting for her on the other side. Who said toys have to be expensive? You never know what you might come up with when you “think outside the box!”

What are some fun and inexpensive play activities you have tried?

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  1. Wait ’till she’s a lil’ older – I can still remember the appliance box playhouse my Dad made for me and the one my two older boys made when they were younger 😉

    Thanks for liking a recent post “There goes my baby” over at our blog And on that farm…

    Blessings to you and your precious family!

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