Happy Rachel Day!


Happy Rachel Day, everybody! We spent our afternoon taking advantage of the beautiful weather here today and took an impromptu trip to a local pumpkin patch that also has a petting zoo! Rachel had a nice time smiling at the animals and watching them with wonder as they came over to greet her.  We ended our visit with a walk through the pumpkin patch for a few more pumpkins for our front porch.  Have I mentioned that I love the coziness that fall has to offer? Seeing pumpkins and mums on the front porch gives my heart such a happy feeling. Pumpkin patches and petting zoos are so much sweeter this year now that I have Rachel to share it with.

I can’t believe that my girl is ten months old today.  She’s in the double digits already! Time needs to sloooooooooooow down! Unfortunately I’ve been told it just gets faster and faster as they grow up.  I can not believe how quickly Rach has gone from a smiley baby to a smiley toddler-like little person! In honor of her newly blossoming “older” personality this blog will be dedicated to some of her favorite things for this month. Who knows what they will be next month!

Rachel has discovered a LOVE for baby dolls! She loves to hold them, pretends to rock them and always gives them kisses over and over (gee, wonder where she learned that?! 😉 ) You can tell her to go “Find your baby” and she will crawl around on the floor and search until she finds her.

Gerber Graduates Arrowroot Cookies- The best shortbread cookie she has ever had (and also the only one!).  These things are  a great after dinner dessert.  Don’t go near her when she’s eating it though or she will literally turn away from you to be sure you don’t try and get her cookie.  A girl after my own heart…

The sound “sssssss.” It is especially funny if she says the sound and you repeat it back.

A game of chase! In the mornings we put her on the floor in our room and she crawls away from us giggling and laughing hysterically.  Then she will turn and look at you as if to say “You’re coming to get me, right?” and when you do, man, you will hear the laughter roar! Sweetest little thing EVER!

Reading stories before bedtime has become a nightly routine now! She even pats the pages as we go and loves to help turn the page.  “On The Night You Were Born” is an all-time favorite.  Most nights I can’t get through the story without getting a little teary eyed and/or choked up.

She loves going for a ride in her new wagon or for an evening run with Daddy in the jogging stroller.  She can often be seen leaning forward and holding on to the stroller tray with a huge smile on her face while they run down the street together.  It warms my heart every time.  When she’s in the wagon, her friend Minnie (a gift from her Nana from DisneyWorld) rides along on the opposite side.  🙂

Puppies! My girl loves to sit on the porch and any time someone walks their dog past our house you can almost guarantee Rachel will give some sort of squeal to try to get to the dog.  Not surprisingly, she will be a puppy for Halloween this year.


I can’t believe how fast these last 10 months have gone by! I am amazed at everything motherhood has to offer and am so thankful and blessed to have such a happy and sweet little babe.

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