The Snowy Day


Today we experienced what I am hoping was “Winter’s Last Gasp!” Around 6 inches of snow fell in our area last night and all local schools were closed today! The extra snow day was bittersweet as it means that we will be in school an extra day in June, but it also meant I got to spend an unexpected day snuggling and playing with my girl.  After being sick with strep throat over the weekend, it was nice to relax around the house and especially nice to finally be feeling healthy again! I’m crossing my fingers that I have experienced my last bout of winter illness that can come with being a teacher.  After today, I am officially ready for spring! (Who am I kidding, I have been ready for spring for a while!) This little gal and I are ready to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and all that spring has to offer as soon as possible!

Crawling around


Our day started off pretty simple with us all just hanging around in our pajamas.  Rachel has a new found fascination with my phone and spends a lot of her free time trying to pry it out of my hands so she can use it.

Rachel and my phone

They may have been some dabbling in piano going on this morning.  We’ll have to work on her formation later 🙂

piano playing

My husband and I decided to have a seafood feast while Rachel was napping.  We agreed that if it was going to be cold and snowy at our house, we were going to pretend like we were someplace warm and sunny! We had shrimp, clams with butter sauce,  crab chowder and some fries.  A perfect lunch, if you ask me!



The rest of our day was spent playing and having fun with sweet Rachel.  She is walking all over the place now, and it seems as though she has some road-runner blood in her.  She is on the move!


We might not have done anything extra exciting today, but it was so wonderful to spend the day with my husband and little one while we waited out the storm.  I can’t think of any one else I’d rather spend my days with than these two.

IMG_1284Ah, yes, her beloved duck puppet.  She loves when he “comes alive!”




Of course, what day would not be complete without a little “jam session” from our favorite musicians!  My girls loves her some Avett Brothers.  🙂 The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, I guess!



Have a great rest of the week, everyone!



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