IT’S A BOY!!!!!


We recently found out that our little babe we have been expecting is a boy! Tim and I are so excited and thrilled to share our news with all our family and friends!

It’s amazing to think about the new life growing inside me and all of the possibilities that are in store for him as he grows from a tiny, tiny baby into a young boy and eventually into a man.

Will he like sports? Trucks? Trains? Will he be silly or serious? Could he one day grow up to be a teacher? A doctor? A lawyer? Maybe a writer? I think there is something so precious about new life and its truly  awe-inspiring when you think of what the future could hold for this little guy.

Daddy sharing the big news with Rachel

Daddy sharing the big news with Rachel

We are so blessed and looking forward to meeting our little one face to face at the end of the summer! Life is good!

About Jen

I am married to my husband, Tim. I am a Mom to Rachel and Jake and my black lab fur baby Zeus! I am a Kindergarten teacher who loves to jazz up the school day by singing and dancing and finding new ways to make learning FUN! I am loving life as a wife and teacher while navigating through this new journey called parenthood! You can find me on Twitter: JDalton21 Pinterest: Instagram: jenniferadalton

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