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Happy Rachel Day!


Sweet Rachel, 18 months ago I became a Mommy! Hard to believe how fast time is going by…

18 months

So much has happened and you have grown so much since even  your first birthday just a few months ago.  Giggles, smiles, tickles and “Hi Mama”‘s last all day long.  Of course, who could forget your frequent trips to the dog bed and your “oh-so-serious” face when Mommy grabs her camera! You can always be heard calling for “DAAAH-DEE!!!!” and greeting “Zeusie” with a grin at the start of each new day.  You love your “bear bows” (hair bows), but just as quickly as you ask for Mama to put one in, you can be found pulling it out!  Chasing you all around (since you are always on the “go, go, go!” these days) and managing through the occasional meltdowns can sometimes be tiring, but when you say “lub boo” (love you), it makes it all more than worth it.

sweet face

You are a Daddy’s girl through and through.  He is your buddy, your playmate and your protector.  I am thankful you are blessed to have that bond.  Your wispy curls and chubby thighs can melt Mommy’s heart any day of the week.


I love your sweet snuggles and butterfly kisses before bed.   Of course, night time would not be complete without reading Goodnight Moon (“Moo!” as you say), at least once or twice…or even three times!


All in all, little one, you are simply the best!

Love you to the moon and back,


Welcome Summer Vacation!


Rachel relaxing in her ball pit

Summer vacation– you are finally here! After a whirlwind of a spring semester, that at times felt as though it was never going to end, summer vacation is finally here! I am so looking forward to spending my days with Rachel and finding fun things for us to do.

Rachel enjoyed her first icecream this evening!

Rachel enjoyed her first ice cream cone this evening!

I’m looking forward to real meals (not just something from the freezer because I’m too tired to actually cook!), BBQ’s with friends, trips to visit family in far away places, digging my toes in to the sand and just plain ol’ relaxing with my sweet girl! Hard to believe in a few days she will be 18months old already…

rachel 2

On another note,  does any one have any good book suggestions? It’s that time of year… 🙂 Happy Summer, all!