Sand, Surf and Twizzlers


Ah, the beach.  Not quite the sanctuary for relaxation that it used to be, but we still had an amazing time spending our first and last summer beach vacation together as a family of 3!

photo 1 (1)


photo 1

Our days were spent chasing our little one around on the beach–literally, she NEVER sat down to rest–we also jumped waves and sat in the tide to let the waves crash into us as we watched all the teeny tiny fish swim around us. She sat down to dig in the sand once–for about thirty seconds.  Once Rachel realized that sand can make your hands dirty, she was no longer interested in anything that might make her hands touch the dry sand.  Her only other option was to run.  And run. And run. And run.  And we, as her parents, felt compelled to keep up with her. 😉

Rachel's shadow

photo 2 (1)

photo 2

We also now have a special and new found appreciation for Twizzlers.  Twizzlers quickly became a way to bribe our sweet but “spirited” 18-month old to leave the beach without much resistance.  When all else failed, as it often did when we tried to convince our toddler to see things our way, we just gave her Twizzlers shamelessly. Yeah, that’s right.  We quickly became “those people” who pumped our kid with candy in hopes that she would do what we wanted.  Like I said, shameless.


photo 3

She did love to sit for some things though.  In fact, she LOVED to sit as long as she was in the water and the waves could crash on her. She didn’t even seem to mind when bigger waves came and nearly wiped her out! Needless to say, Rachel seemed to be having the time of her life.  It might not have been “relaxing” but that is where the shift in perspective that comes along with parenthood comes in to play.  While not relaxing in the usual sense of the word, it certainly was fulfilling.


Life is certainly different than it used to be, and pretty soon it will change again as we look forward to adding our newest addition in just a few short weeks.  Great things are happening around here, and I can’t help but feel especially blessed with my precious little family and all the memories we are making together.  Life is good.  PTL.


About Jen

I am married to my husband, Tim. I am a Mom to Rachel and Jake and my black lab fur baby Zeus! I am a Kindergarten teacher who loves to jazz up the school day by singing and dancing and finding new ways to make learning FUN! I am loving life as a wife and teacher while navigating through this new journey called parenthood! You can find me on Twitter: JDalton21 Pinterest: Instagram: jenniferadalton

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