Love is Patient, Love is Kind…


This guy deserves a medal!


I have been so emotional lately dealing with all of the stress that a pregnancy can bring. Admittedly, I have taken  out my stress on the people who mean the most to me.  Few people have escaped my wrath in the past week, and if you were one of them, consider yourself lucky! My husband was not one of the lucky ones…

At the drop of a hat, I would find myself full of rage over nothing (like not having cheese cubes to snack on…seriously?!!) and then curled up in a ball crying over the same thing thirty seconds later.  It has definitely been a wild week full of unexpected outbursts that left me feeling frustrated and confused.  I didn’t experience any of that during my pregnancy with Rachel, and have been reminded once again that every pregnancy is different.  Unfortunately, many times this week I found myself taking my anger and frustration out on my husband, Tim.

My two sweeties

My two sweeties

Fortunately for me, my husband took all of my extreme mood swings in stride and never once made me feel like a lunatic or that I was going crazy.  He tried to calm me down when he could and let me cry it out when he knew he couldn’t.  And still, every night, he would kiss me good night and tell me that he loved me.

Rachel and Daddy

Rachel and Daddy

This man that I love so much– who cares for our daughter in ways that I can not even express adequately in words, who loves me unconditionally even when I feel that I do not deserve it, and who expresses his love in such gentle and thoughtful ways- is the best friend that I have ever had, and one of the most kindhearted individuals I have ever met.  Did you know that I can count on one hand how many times I have put gas in my car since we have been married? Or that he gets up early with Rachel every Saturday so that I can sleep in? Or that he would prefer to buy me diamonds for special occasions than buying random flower bunches throughout the year as a sign of his love? (Of course, I tell him he can feel free to get both! 😉 ) He has saved every card I have ever given him and has a box of things that chronicle our relationship from it’s very beginning.  He is strong, he is caring, he is intelligent, he is compassionate, he is my husband…and he is amazing. He loves basketball, has a passion for Corvettes, pushes himself as a runner, a golfer and a snowboarder,  and most importantly, he puts his family first, always.

Taking Rachel on her fist ride on a Merry Go Round

Taking Rachel on her fist ride on a Merry Go Round

My husband is a gift from God to me, and he is always reminding me through his actions of what it means to love someone unconditionally.  When I yelled at him this week over something ridiculous and petty, that wasn’t even his fault, he had the strength (that I probably would not have had) to not lash out back at me.  Just another reminder of the strong and compassionate person that I married and that I am truly blessed to have him by my side.


Each day, without failing, when Tim returns home from work, Rachel runs to give him a hug, throwing herself in his arms, chanting “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” and my heart melts a little bit more at their pure and complete love for each other.  What a blessing this man is to our family! Rachel thinks her Daddy hung the moon…and I might just have to agree with her!

About Jen

I am married to my husband, Tim. I am a Mom to Rachel and Jake and my black lab fur baby Zeus! I am a Kindergarten teacher who loves to jazz up the school day by singing and dancing and finding new ways to make learning FUN! I am loving life as a wife and teacher while navigating through this new journey called parenthood! You can find me on Twitter: JDalton21 Pinterest: Instagram: jenniferadalton

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