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Happy Halloween!



Last weekend our downtown had Trick-or-Treat festivities for all the kiddos in our area.  We took Rachel and Jake down and enjoyed an afternoon of Trick-or-Treating at our local businesses.

Trick or treat!

Tonight we’ll go Trick-or-Treating to the homes of our family members.  Rachel loves to wear her Minnie dress and has caught on rather quickly to the joys of candy.  And Jake, well, his time will come, I’m sure.  But for now, he’s just enjoying being held and doesn’t seem to mind too much about being dressed up like a mouse.

Jake as "Mickey"


happy halloween


Happy Halloween!

Getting to Know You


Things are pretty quiet around here as we have been spending a lot of time with our new little guy, Jake, and also adjusting to life as a family of four.


It is so sweet to see Rachel and Jake together.  They both interact with each other in such a loving way.  When Rachel walks into the room, Jake’s eyes search for her and if he can’t see her right away, he will turn his head until he sees her. When he coo’s, she coo’s right back at him.  It’s almost as if they have some sort of unknown language that only they can understand.    I am amazed at the strong bond that they share after such a short time together.  It’s almost as if they have known each other forever…


Their little lives might just be starting out, and their relationship might also be new, but their love will last a lifetime.

Friends forever

Is there anything sweeter or more promising than knowing that they will always have each other in this big ‘ol world? What a gift these sweet babes are to me, and now also to each other.  Life is good.

Love You Forever, Baby Jake!


Welcome to the world, baby Jakob Timothy Donald!

It’s hard to believe baby Jake was born exactly one month ago today.  Wow! What a great month it has been!


I can not believe how beautifully this little guy has just fallen right into place in our family.  Even though we’ve only spent a month loving on this little guy, it’s already hard to imagine what life was like before him.  Our family feels more whole now, like he was always meant to be apart of our daily happenings.  He is just the sweetest little guy we’ve ever met.  It’s amazing how much your heart grows with love with each child that is born.  I am totally smitten and majorly in love with this little babe.  How could I not be!?

photo 3 (3)

Every once in a while, I find myself looking around and feeling like I should knock on wood or something because everything just seems so….perfect.  And wonderful.  And amazing.  It’s really unbelievable. We are truly blessed!

Here’s a look back on our first month together as a family of four!

Happy Jakie Day!