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Happy Jakie Day!



Happy Jakie Day! We love you little Jake!  It’s hard to believe you are already two months old.  Seriously, where does the time go?!  You bring so much happiness to our family, we simply can’t imagine life without you.


This month you are quick with a smile and can be heard “coo”ing and “ahh”ing all day long.  Your patience is already showing itself in your demeanor and your “go with the flow” attitude has been noted by several people already.  You have  a sleep schedule all of your own and only you know it’s rhyme or reason.  You love the sound of your sister’s voice and often look for her when she enters the room.


 You love to be swaddled, snuggled and loved on all day long, but you are also content to hang out by yourself in your swing.  You love to look out the window and watch the cars drive by with Rachel.   Speaking of looking at things, could we hold you in a way that would face you in? Never.  You are determined to look out and see the world.   You insist on being held facing outwards so you can examine all that is around you.  Daddy is your buddy.  Rachel is your ultimate protector.  Mommy is your comfort. And you, you my dear, are our little love.  Adding a new dynamic to our family and reminding us once again of God’s love for us as his children.  You were meant to be– we were meant to be.  And for all that and more, we are very blessed.


Happy two months, little guy! We love you so very much!

Love you forever,