Looking Back and Moving Forward


2013, what a year you were! Filled with wonderful moments of “firsts” for our sweet girl and littlest guy.  First breaths, first steps, first smiles, a first “I love you too, Mommy” that brought tears to my eyes (and that can still give me goosebumps!).  This year, for many reasons, was the best year of my life.  My children, my husband–our family, is the most precious gift I could ever have been given. My New Year’s resolution was to “not sweat the small stuff,” and I think I did an O.K. job with that.  It’s hard to maintain that attitude when you bring a new little life into this world–the responsibility I feel every moment of the day for baby Jake and also Rachel can sometimes be overwhelming.


We welcomed this sweet babe into our family in 2013.

Rachel realizing she has a shadow!

One of my favorite pictures from 2013–Rachel realizing she has a shadow!

For 2014, I am planning to stay in the moment and focus more on quality time spent with my children. I hope to use my phone less and snuggle more.  I plan to spend less time on Facebook and Twitter and read to and play with my babes more instead.  Afterall, they are what matters most to me.  How I spend my time speaks volumes to them for what I find most important.  I want them to know it’s them, and it will always be them.


I am grateful for all that 2013 brought us and am also looking forward to 2014 and all that is to come. Life is good, friends. PTL.

Here’s a look back at 2013, our best year yet!


Happy New Year, everyone!

About Jen

I am married to my husband, Tim. I am a Mom to Rachel and Jake and my black lab fur baby Zeus! I am a Kindergarten teacher who loves to jazz up the school day by singing and dancing and finding new ways to make learning FUN! I am loving life as a wife and teacher while navigating through this new journey called parenthood! You can find me on Twitter: JDalton21 Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/daltonjen Instagram: jenniferadalton

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