5 Month Old Jake



Jake Man, are you really 5 months old already?! I can hardly believe it!  You are a happy little guy who is quite content to be held and loved on as much as any baby I’ve ever been around.  When you make eye contact with others your face immediately lights up with a smile.  You shriek when we tickle you and are mesmerized by the pictures in books we read to you.  You love giving great big slobbery kisses and you even reached for your Daddy for the first time this month! If Rachel isn’t close by, you can be found bobbling your little head around as you look for her!


Your toes and your feet are your favorite toys.  When you get bored, you just pull your legs up and start playing with your toes.  It’s amazing that for being so little you already can entertain yourself!  If there was one word to describe you, “patient” would be one of my top three choices for you.  Your fingers are constantly in your mouth these days and I am convinced that with as much drool as you’ve been having lately, you are bound to be getting teeth soon! I pray that is an easy process for you…

These days you spend much of your time on the floor trying to roll over onto your belly! I know any day now you will get it, as you make it 3/4 of the way over and then roll back.  Rachel, Daddy and I are rooting for you, buddy! We know you can do it! 🙂


This month you visited Ice Fest and had your first trip in the Baby Bjorn carrier with you facing out! You loved it and made sure that you didn’t miss a thing! This month you also started real baby food! We have learned that you LOVE apples and bananas and that you couldn’t care less for sweet potatoes.  In fact, when we try to feed them to you, you press your lips together (sometimes I swear that you glued them shut somehow!) so that we can’t get any little bit in to you.


You are still on your own wild-man sleep schedule…and who knows when that will change.  For now, I will just take the extra snuggles and quiet time alone with you in the middle of the night and early morning hours until they slowly fade away. I just keep reminding myself how quickly it all changes and that one day you’ll sleep through the night (or even just a few hours at a time).  But until then, I’ll be there for you….just like always.


Happy Snowy Jake Day!

Love you to the moon and back,


About Jen

I am married to my husband, Tim. I am a Mom to Rachel and Jake and my black lab fur baby Zeus! I am a Kindergarten teacher who loves to jazz up the school day by singing and dancing and finding new ways to make learning FUN! I am loving life as a wife and teacher while navigating through this new journey called parenthood! You can find me on Twitter: JDalton21 Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/daltonjen Instagram: jenniferadalton

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