Memorial Day Weekend



Ahhhh, sweet babes, summer is right around the corner! This weekend I could really feel it in the air…maybe it was the arrival of higher temps (finally!) or the smell of barbecue cooking on the grill or the fact that we spent most of the weekend in our bathing suits soaking up water from the sprinkler or splashing at the water table.  Whatever it was that made summer feel near, I crave more of it!  Here’s a snapshot of some of the fun times we had together this weekend.


We got out the water table this weekend for you to have some fun splashing around learning how to use a funnel, or in most cases–just tossing water out of the table while your Mom and Dad tried to avoid being in the path of the water thrown.  Every so often you’d get tired or bored and decide to take a break from the water table by going for a brief ride on your scooter.


We can’t forget your Minnie Helmet…and once it’s on, it’s nearly impossible to convince you to let us take it off…even after you are no longer riding your scooter.  If there’s one thing that’s for sure in this life, Rachel, it’s that you know what you want when you want it! I love your fiery spirit and your “I can” attitude (at least most of the time 😉 ) combined with a sweetness that can make even the hardest heart melt.


All while Jake Man looked on from the wagon.  He is so content to watch you play!



We visited some nearby horses this weekend.  We decided last minute to take a little trip there and it just so happened to fall during Jake’s morning nap time but he was such a trooper just cooing away in his stroller.  He even managed to smile for some pictures 🙂



Jake Man, you see your little scrunched up nose in this picture? That is the face you make when you get really, really excited about something.  You scrunch your face and start kicking your legs and flailing your arms and have been known to give a snort or two with delight.  As you grow older, I hope that I can always picture in my mind you scrunching, flailing and snorting as vividly as I can now.  It doesn’t get much better than a happy baby.



Rachel, here you are using your “wand” to encourage the horsey to eat, eat, eat! Don’t ever doubt your ability to lead, sweet girl.



And oh, sweet Jakie, I love how you smile big at your Daddy when he gets close to you.



What summertime-like weekend would be complete without a run or two through the sprinkler?!  I loved listening to you squeal and say “This is weally, weally, weally, weally fun!”



Jake is getting more and more table food these days.  Here he is enjoying some steak, zucchini, and wild rice with a few cheerios thrown in there for good measure. 🙂

  Of course, this Memorial Day weekend had me thinking about the families who are without their “Jake” or their “Rachel” because they made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  Let’s always remember the heroes who fought hard for our freedom and safety.  You and I were worth it to them, and for that I will always be thankful and humbled.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I love you to the moon and back.

Love always,


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