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Two and a Half Year Old Rachel


Sweet girl


Who knew two and a half years could be so sweet? It’s hard to really even imagine what life was like before you were born; I seem to remember it in little snippets here and there but then I think “wait, was she really not born then??” You fit in so perfectly with our lives and just kind of blended right in to where your Daddy’s and my life path was taking us.  Life was changing all around us when you were born but it seemed like a natural transition, an easy and perfect kind of love churned together with your perfect little infant self that taught us what love and life is really all about.  It’s hard to believe that you are two and a half…on the downward slope towards three! Three! I can hardly stand the thought of it…can’t you just stay a baby a bit longer? I love you so much…


Twirling away

So much growth and change happens from 2 to 2 1/2 years old, I just had to write to you about it.  You still (of course) love to run, but now you love to have races with other people! You pump your arms and go, go, go “like the wind!” you’ll say.  You come up with the funniest sayings that I would never expect a two year old to say.  You are quick to give hugs and kisses and are always willing to have unexpected visitors or friends to play with.  It’s not uncommon for you to tell me that you love me “so much” (and it never stops melting my heart!).  You love to read and your favorite book is “The Night Before Christmas.” We read it every.single.night. But I love you for it! 🙂 At least you know what you like! That is true with most things when it comes to you.  You want what you want when you want it and if you don’t want it, you’ll be sure to let us know.  Take these pictures, for example. I wanted to get pictures of you for this entry, but the only way you would oblige is if you could race up and down the sidewalk.  Throw in a few twirls and a few strategically timed arm pumps…and then you were happy to indulge me.  Before that you were saying “No, Mommy, I no want to go outside.  I no want to wear a dress no more. I NO want to take my picture!” 🙂 You have a quick temper but are just as quick to follow it up with a hug and a kiss and an apology.  You have a huge heart that is very thoughtful and kind to others but you are also very sensitive.

Pumping your arm as you run

Pumping your arm as you run

If I were to take a video of your time awake during the day, I would guesstimate that 90-95%% of it would be video of you talking.  You love to talk and you love to engage others in conversation.  It’ just part of who you are.  It doesn’t matter if we are at the grocery store or sitting on our front porch–you will talk to anyone and everyone you can. You are afraid of flies and bees and any kind of bug.  You love to hunt for butterflies and to help me water the flowers at night.  You insist on holding part of the hose as well so you can really feel like you’re doing it too.  You love to help me put groceries away and to help me do the laundry.  Your favorite things to do usually involve playing with your water table or going to visit the horses at a nearby college.



This is your pouty face

Jake Man is your best buddy and you two have such a fun time together.  We are so blessed that you have taken to your Big Sister role so easily. You tell Jake all day long that he’s “so cute” or “so soft.” 🙂 You are gentle and loving and a true nurturer.  At this point, you love to wear dresses and refuse to wear shorts on a regular basis.  You are rarely ever seen without your doctor’s kit and are quick to give “check-ups” to people and stuffed animals alike. Although you give your best effort on the regular to eat cookies for lunch (“Mommy, I please have cookie please?”) you are also quite satisfied with your Daddy’s grilled cheese instead. rachel2

You make up your own songs and sing along to ones you know.  Somewhere along the line you learned how to sing your ABC’s and Jesus Loves Me and we haven’t gone a day without hearing them since.  You love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Curious George on TV.  And who could forget Polka Dot baby…your baby doll that you insist sleeps with you each night.

Rachel, all these things that make up who you are are just little tidbits into the every day happenings of your life.  I am regularly amazed at your kindness and sweetness and your tenacity for life.  For just a two and a half year old little girl, you have completely stolen my heart and changed my perspective on the world.  I thank you for that.  Thank you for reminding me that love and beauty is all around us, and that we have the choice to see the beauty that our world has to offer.  Thank you for teaching me about unending love and what it means to love someone more than myself.  You have helped me learn, you have helped me grow and there’s no doubt you have made me a better person.   You make loving and living easy, sweet girl, just by being you.  Cheers to your two and a half year old self!


I love you forever, to the moon and back.


Love always,





9 Month Jake Day


Jake Man,

Look out, world! You are on the move! You scoot and army crawl anywhere your little heart desires.  Just this morning we found you underneath the couch as you had scooted and crawled your way there in the amount of time it takes to go put a bottle in the sink and walk back to the living room.  You love to try to stand up on your own.  Lots of times when you are on your hands and knees you push up your legs so that your little hiney is in the air and your legs are pushed up straight.  Then you wobble back and forth as if the swaying motion would give you the momentum you need to stand up on your own.  When you eventually sit back down, you look around like “Did you see what I just did!?” You are a baby on a mission these days and are determined to make your way in this world.

  You love to pull hair and give kisses…sometimes you even insist on doing them at the same time! Your sister has fallen prey to your hair pulling ways, but even she doesn’t mind all that much.  We like to think that that is just the easiest way for you to pull us close 🙂 jake11

You are enjoying more table food and with that, some summer treats have made their way into your repertoire.  This month had your first taste of a Popsicle! You loved every minute of it–in fact, it was very difficult to convince you to let go so your sister could have the rest of it.  Don’t worry buddy, they’ll be more time for Popsicles in your lifetime.

Your sleep has made a huge positive strides over the last month.  You are now on a (mostly) predictable schedule and very rarely wake up during the night.  We are SO thankful that you have started sleeping well.  For your sake..and ours! A good night’s rest is good for everyone 🙂

You love your sippy cup and cheerios are an all time favorite snack.  You have been known to have more cheerios on the floor around you than cheerios you have actually eaten (half are on the floor by accident and half are from trying to feed the dog).  You love to watch your sister play and you love when she plays with you. Lately you have been scooting yourself over to her so that you can play with her as well.  Your sister loves you so much.  She comes to get you every morning when you wake up and makes she she says good night to you each night before bed.  She loves to read to you and she just loves when you snuggle her.  I am amazed at the bond you two share already, and I hope that it continues growing stronger for the rest of your lives.


You are mesmerized by birdies flying by and are very inquisitive about the sounds around you. But, my sweet babe, you are also very content to sit in the wagon or stroller and watch Mommy work outside or to watch Rachel play in the yard.  Content is a good word I would use to describe you.  If you are upset about something, then we know something is really bothering you.  You are not picky or finicky, and you know what you want–but you are also a very “go with the flow” kind of baby.  Thank you for that, little buddy. 🙂

We love you Jake, more than you could ever know.  I love to watch your expressions change as you get older.  You are much more excitable now and are quick to flail your arms in anticipation or give several excited snorts when someone you recognize enters the room.  I love how you flail your arms, snort in excitement and scoot yourself over to me when I come home from work every day.  You have the ability to make every day brighter just by being you! I am so thankful and blessed to have you be a part of my life.

I can’t believe that you are 9 months old already! I’m already starting to think about your first birthday party (ahh!).  It’s incredible how fast time goes by.  I am so looking forward to spending the next few months home with you and your sister for summer vacation.  You two are the best!

I love you to the moon and back.

Love always,