Happy 3rd Birthday, Rachel!


Sweet Rachel,



Happy 3rd birthday to you, little lady! You are, without a doubt, a mover and a shaker these days! You love to sing (at the top of your lungs!) and dance and twirl until your heart’s content.  You love to build and paint and draw and imagine.  You are quite intuitive for being so young and often come over to check on me just to make sure I’m ok.  You love your dolls (especially “Polka Dot Baby” who you named after the type of nighgown she wore), and you love being outside.  You are loving, you are kind and you are special.  You have an amazing gift, my Rachel dear.  You have the gift of being able to make others smile.  Everywhere we go, people stop to talk to you.  Time and time again I watch these new found friends leave with smiles on their faces after spending a few minutes with you.  I hope you are always such a people person and that you always know that you have the ability to make the world a better and happier place just by being you!




For your birthday this year, your Daddy and Jakie and I decided to get you your favorite horsey that we have been “visiting” at Target since the summer.  Literally every trip we have taken to Target since June has included a trip down aisle E5 to visit your favorite horse.  When it came time for your birthday could we really ever get you anything else instead? You spent all day loving on this horse–petting it, washing it, brushing it’s hair, cleaning the saddle and just snuggling it in general.  You told me that you “wuv dat horse SOOO much!” By the end of the day, you had decided to name your horse “Hershey.” You are quite the proud owner.



You are a Daddy’s girl through and through.  This year when we asked you what you wanted on your cake and suggested that you pick one of your favorite things (Minnie Mouse, Frozen characters, princesses, etc.) you immediately said you wanted to have Daddy on your cake! In the weeks leading up to your birthday we reminded you again that you could have any cake you wanted for your birthday and you still were insistent that you had to have a cake with your Daddy on it. Then you’d say so sweetly “But Mommy, Daddy is my favorite fing!” (fing=”thing” in toddler talk) that we just couldn’t say no! “The Daddy Cake” might just be one of my sweetest memories of you yet.  You sure do love him, and he loves you too, little one.



We love you so much, Rachel.  More than words in this blog post could ever even begin to describe.  I remember the night you were born when Daddy had fallen asleep and it was just you and I snuggling together on my hospital bed.  I remember holding you in my arms and realizing that everything in my life changed in just a matter of a few short hours.  The old me was replaced by a “new” me–a better me.  A “me” that was made to be your mommy–and to be here for you.  Always.

Moments after Rachel was born. And so the journey begins...

I love you to the moon and back.

Love always,



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  1. Beautifully written Jen! Rachel is a very special little girl indeed!! I’m am blessed by all the stories Momma Linda tells me about this precious little girl! She is wise beyond her years!! I love your whole family!

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