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11 Month Old Jake


jake113Dear Jakie,

Happy 11 months, sweet boy! You are getting bigger by the day and what seems like faster by the minute! Nothing is out of your reach these days as you love to open drawers, explore and empty out cabinets and hide in closets (but only after checking everything out first!).  You haven’t taken any steps yet, but your Dad and I wonder if it will happen soon.  You stand freely on your own for several seconds at a time and then get so excited that you “go boom!” down to the floor.  Sometimes you even giggle and clap for yourself and my heart just melts a little bit more over you when you do that. You still have only 3 teeth, your bottom two and then your top left front tooth.  Although I suspect by your slight fever and cuddly attitude tonight that a new one might just be making it’s debut soon.  You love to do your “SO BIG!” trick, although you hardly ever do it when someone new is watching (it’s ok, we know you’re probably just wondering why your silly parents insist on asking you how big you are in front of everyone).  You are slowing saying good-bye to your bottle, despite my best efforts to get you to take it.  You just smile and scoot around and push it away with a gentle yet determined force.  Speaking of smiling–everyone always asks us if you are “always so happy” and our answer is a resounding “Yes!” Sometimes I wonder how we ever got so lucky.  Happy kids=Happy life


This month we took a trip to the beach where you spent your mornings *not napping* and playing on the beach with your sister.  You loved to splash in the waves at the shore and LOVED to be carried out to where the waves could crash around you.  You even rode your first horse this month! You loved it!! The horse came out with less hair after your ride because you still have some hair pulling issues we are trying to work out, but the horse didn’t seem to mind one bit.  Speaking of vacation…did someone say french fries? I think there was one day of vacation where french fries were pretty much the only thing you would eat, thank goodness that didn’t last long!


Usually your days are spent exploring and babbling some sweet baby talk (like “bababababababa” or “mamamamamama” or what sounds like a very high pitched “eh!”).  Other than your laugh, I enjoy hearing your baby talk the most.  I wonder sometimes what you are really trying to tell us and I know all too soon I will be finding out 🙂 Everything is happening so fast, Jake Man.


Everything is happening so fast buddy–you are changing and growing every day right before my very eyes.  One of my greatest joys in life is watching you grow and learn and explore and try new things.  With all these changes around us little buddy, there’s one thing that will never change—and that is my love for you.  One of the most interesting things that I’ve found about motherhood is that overwhelming feeling of love feels like an old love and a young love all wrapped up into one.  New love because we have only been together for a short while, I’m always learning new things about you and finding new things that I find endearing or special about you.  Old love because it feels like, in many ways, that our bond is so easy and natural and strong that it couldn’t possibly develop that way in just a mere 11 months alone….right? I feel like I have loved you and known you my whole life. More than my whole life even, it feels more like forever. Infact, I like to think and believe that I have.


I love you to the moon and back.


10 Month Old Jake


10 Month Jake


You are on the go, go, go these days! Full fledged crawling has led to a constant state of discovery for you.  Vacuum cords, outlets, trash cans, dusty corners…if it’s there, you need to see it and touch it and feel it and (in some cases much to Mommy’s chagrin) taste it! We have done more household “baby proofing” since you started moving than we ever did with your sister.  Thank goodness for outlet covers!! You pull yourself up on anything and everything you can.  You examine any and all items or objects that you find fascinating.  Everything goes into your mouth after what seems like a lengthy and thorough examination by you.  I wish I could know what you are thinking when you look so intently and touch so carefully something new to you.  You are 100% determined to see all that this world has to offer!

10 Month Jake

This month brought along with it some super sweet moments.  Your first word (and I’m super proud of this) “Mama.” At first I thought maybe I was just hearing things or that it was more like wishful thinking, but when our friends and family started to notice it too, I knew I wasn’t just being totally smitten and delusional about your intelligence. 🙂  Shortly after “Mama” was said, you added “buh buh” (bye bye) to your sweet little wave.  I have loved watching your little personality develop even more this month.

10 Month Jake

You love to crawl.  You hate to be contained–gone are the days of being in your jumper for any extended length of time.  You really love to walk when people hold your hands to help you and you are loving all of your new table foods.  You are starting to prefer food over bottles and are slowly weaning yourself from your afternoon feeding.  When you want more food you bang on your high chair tray and squeal.  You obviously have certain forms of communication down pat. 🙂

10 Month Jake

Rachel is still your favorite person in the world and anytime she comes into the room you turn and smile at her like you’ve just received the best surprise of your life.  You have been known to pull her hair in order to get her to come down close to you so you can give her a smooch or a snuggle.  The best part is, she doesn’t even seem to mind.  She tells you that you’re “so cute” and “so soft.”  Who could disagree? Especially with the sweetest little babe giving big open mouth slobbery kisses any chance he gets? Heart. Breaker.

10 Month Jake

Naps are predictable now, your sleep at night is going awesome too.  THANK YOU for giving us back the gift of sleep! It only took 10 months for me to feel comfortable saying that, but you know what little buddy, I wouldn’t change any of the sleepless nights with you for the world.

10 Month Jake


A new tooth popped through this month! We said hello to your top tooth with a low grade fever and lots of snuggle time during the day.  The top tooth wasn’t very nice to you, but you handled it like a trooper and I enjoyed the extra cuddles in between giving doses of Tylenol to help ease your pain.  I love you so much, little guy!

10 Month Jake

Happy 10 months, sweet babe!

I love you to the moon and back.

Love always,


7 Month Old Jake



Can you believe it, buddy? How can it be that 7 months have gone by since I first held you in my arms? I’ll never understand how months seem like minutes when it comes to life with you and your sister. Although time is moving entirely too fast, in many ways it seems like life has always been this way. It feels like you have always been a part of my life–always there, always smiling, always willing to grab my hair and pull me in close for a slobbery gummy kiss.  It feels like we have known each other forever.  In some ways, I guess we have.  That is the beauty and blessing of creating life…we will always be apart of each other no matter what happens.  I love you, Jake.



Ok, enough sap (sorry, sometimes when I get started it’s hard to stop!), let’s get to the fun and exciting things that happened this month!

You have TWO teeth now! They popped up shortly after you turned six months old and man, you had a rough time with each of them.  Sleepless nights (more than usual), runny nose, irritability and incessant chewing on anything and everything were all indicators that we knew meant you must be working on some teeth.  And we were right! They popped up within days of each other.  Now I giggle a little when you give a big gummy grin because your first tooth is much taller than your second tooth.  I’m sure they will even out soon, but until then I will enjoy your perfectly mismatched teeth and the smiles that they bring to others.


Sitting up is your thing! It’s awesome and you love it.  You are SO proud that you can sit anywhere and every where your big sister can.  That is, until you don’t want to sit up any more and then you just quietly decide to face plant yourself into the floor like it’s no big deal.  Sitting’s fun…until it’s not 🙂 And even then I love your spunk and your ability to know what you want when you want it! Life is good with you around, my little friend.


You prefer certain toys now.  You love your Mickey and your Sophie Giraffe and your car keys.  Pulling your sisters hair is always a favorite past time of yours as well.  I think the pulling is just an unfortunate consequence of you just wanting to touch her all the time.  If she is near, you reach for her and squeal for her.  You try to pull her close to you and gave your first semi-wave to her this month.  There’s no doubt in my mind that she is your hero.  She should be.  She loves you so much too, Jake Man.



I love watching you sleep with your hands tucked behind your head.  I love how your face lights up when Daddy comes home from work.  I love how you snuggle in close when it’s time for bed and how your breathing slows as you relax and drift off to sleep… You smile when you’re happy, cry when you’re sad, and laugh when you are amused. All these things–these little tiny things that make up who you are in this moment I hope I will remember as the years go by.  I hope I will remember how the rolls on your legs looked or how your delicate little hand would rest itself on your leg.  I hope I remember your pouty face and your happy face and every face in between.  I hope I can remember all of you all of the time.  Maybe some day this blog will take me back 🙂 Back to the “good old days” because I’m pretty confident that these are it….


You are a gift, little Jake.  I am so thankful and blessed that I was chosen to be your mommy.  Thank you for being the person I didn’t even know I needed.  You have taught me so much already and I love you more than words could ever say.


Love always,



Hopes and Dreams


Sweet babies,

Already your little lives have left a positive impact on our world.  So many times when we are out, people– strangers even–can’t seem to get enough of you.  They smile at you when they pass us in the aisles, sometimes they stop and say hello or to compliment you in some way, and most often say things like “Your children are so sweet!” or “This made my day!” Now don’t let your head get too full here, there have been plenty of times when you (ahem, Rachel…sorry but Jake is just too little at this point for this to be geared towards him!) meltdown in a store and embarrass me to no end and I’m sure other people are thinking it would make their day if we would just leave! But I digress….

Other times I can see and feel people looking at us with a slight smile in a way that makes me feel as though they might be remembering similar times when their children were little.   When those kinds of looks happen, it reminds me to take a moment to take it all in.  To look at you, really look at you, in a way that I can almost breathe you in.  One day you will be big and grown and I will not be able to protect you and hold you the way that I can now.  The world can be  a scary place.  But you, my little loves, are a bright spot in it all.  You are hope that there is a future, and that it is very good.


My hope for your future is that it turns out exactly the way you want it to.  If you want to grow up to be a doctor, I will do everything I can to help you meet your goal.  If you want to be a writer, or a teacher, or a chemist, or a veterinarian…whatever you choose to do, I will help you in any way I can.  I will always be here for you.  I mean that with every ounce of my being. The road will not always be easy, and sometimes you’ll decide that what you thought you wanted, isn’t infact what you really wanted.  And that is O.K., too.  Whether your dreams have taken off and you are flying and soaring to new heights, or whether you fall, or are unsure, or unsteady, or even if your dreams have become stagnant and seem so very far away–keep going.  You can do anything your heart desires.


My dream is that you find whatever it is that you are passionate about and go-all-out.  Don’t be afraid to fail–because you will! It’s inevitable, but you will learn and you will grow…so in the end it will be good! I promise! The world is, and will always be, a better place because you are in it. Find what gives you strength, what makes you feel whole and what drives you to love.  Afterall, love is what it’s all about.   Your willingness to love others can be used as a good barometer for your own happiness.   Choose to be happy. Choose to love.  Most importantly–be yourself.  You are a gift.  You are a treasure. You are everything I hoped you would be…and much more.

I love you to the moon and back–forever and always.



Happy Jakie Day!



Happy Jakie Day! We love you little Jake!  It’s hard to believe you are already two months old.  Seriously, where does the time go?!  You bring so much happiness to our family, we simply can’t imagine life without you.


This month you are quick with a smile and can be heard “coo”ing and “ahh”ing all day long.  Your patience is already showing itself in your demeanor and your “go with the flow” attitude has been noted by several people already.  You have  a sleep schedule all of your own and only you know it’s rhyme or reason.  You love the sound of your sister’s voice and often look for her when she enters the room.


 You love to be swaddled, snuggled and loved on all day long, but you are also content to hang out by yourself in your swing.  You love to look out the window and watch the cars drive by with Rachel.   Speaking of looking at things, could we hold you in a way that would face you in? Never.  You are determined to look out and see the world.   You insist on being held facing outwards so you can examine all that is around you.  Daddy is your buddy.  Rachel is your ultimate protector.  Mommy is your comfort. And you, you my dear, are our little love.  Adding a new dynamic to our family and reminding us once again of God’s love for us as his children.  You were meant to be– we were meant to be.  And for all that and more, we are very blessed.


Happy two months, little guy! We love you so very much!

Love you forever,



Getting to Know You


Things are pretty quiet around here as we have been spending a lot of time with our new little guy, Jake, and also adjusting to life as a family of four.


It is so sweet to see Rachel and Jake together.  They both interact with each other in such a loving way.  When Rachel walks into the room, Jake’s eyes search for her and if he can’t see her right away, he will turn his head until he sees her. When he coo’s, she coo’s right back at him.  It’s almost as if they have some sort of unknown language that only they can understand.    I am amazed at the strong bond that they share after such a short time together.  It’s almost as if they have known each other forever…


Their little lives might just be starting out, and their relationship might also be new, but their love will last a lifetime.

Friends forever

Is there anything sweeter or more promising than knowing that they will always have each other in this big ‘ol world? What a gift these sweet babes are to me, and now also to each other.  Life is good.